Tips for a more sustainable Christmas


Sustainable packaging – Save paper

On average, each human being needs about 60 kg paper per year, in Germany this number is even as high as 250 kg, in the UK they throw away on average 108 million rolls of wrapping paper every Christmas! But there are already so many different possibilities to save a little here.

This year wrap your Christmas presents in old newspaper, tea towels or in a homemade beeswax tissue.

Using old newspaper is not only good for the environment, it can also be personalized, for example by only using the sports section or by encircling certain letters and leaving a secret message. Using packaging that  can be reused after and if quirky, it can look quite cool!

If you have space at home where you can also save paper from gifts that were given to you, it also is ideal.

Use your own talent – Homemade presents

If you are really good at painting, making pottery, taking photos or discovered your love for upcycling? Use your hobbies and talents and gift your friends and family with personal and original presents. Are you a great fixer, great at DIY? Offer your help in the form of a "voucher". Christmas is a time of generosity that can be spread all around the year.

Buy local

Buying presents locally minimises your carbon footprint, while supporting small suppliers and the local community. Find something sustainably sourced that your friends need - it will bring value both to them - and to our planet. At Maison Dôme, we partner with independent brands that make contemporary and well designed products in an eco-friendly and ethical way but also allow for a local order.

Use eco-friendly christmas decoration and lights

There are many options to pick from Mother Nature: Pine cones, straws, berries, etc If you will pick light, favor LED garlands.

Invest in a reusable advent calendar

Invest in a reusable advent calendar and fill it with a variety of gifts such as handmade truffles. You can even treat your dog to a calendar  too. Another great eco-friendly Christmas decoration.

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