1. Eco-Friendly and Naturally made products

The eco-friendly Motto

It can often be rewarding to reconsider the choices we make in everyday life. Changing habits and finding new ways forward enhance creativity and help develop a stronger awareness of what we actually need to feel good.

Living by these principles of reducing, reuse, repair and recycle gives us the basic principles for more sustainable living. Adopting a more mindful approach to our everyday things, such as try to buy only what you need, use and love it for as long as possible, repair and improve along the way. Swap, resell or give to charity if you no longer want it, and when the product is finally at the end of its use, make sure it is properly taken care of.

It cannot be simple however, to suddenly cut back drastically and give up on so many things, therefore Maison Dôme motto is "Every Gesture counts" because it is true. Once one has realised one doesn´t need to sacrifice so much but just modify its daily choices towards more environmentally friendly ones, it becomes easy and a way of life. It is our wish to accompany you throughout this journey of awareness and to reassure you in your eco-friendly consumptions. 

Our products are carefully selected to cater for your lifestyle so you don´t have to worry about your choices. We are transparent as to which value your purchase corresponds: Waste less, No Plastic, Carbon footprint reduced, Sustainable materials, recycled or recyclable etc, our Labels will help you navigate through the spectrum of eco-friendliness. 

Fashion and Lifestyle consumption need to be more circular and advancing the use of circular materials is crucial for reducing the environmental footprint of our products. We ensure our products are made of sustainable materials, recycled polyester, reclaimed denim, recycled nylon and recycled down filling, recycled wool, cashmere and cotton in many of our products. Our suppliers are carefully selected to fit our exigences.  

We aim to partner with as many ethical and eco-friendly brands as well as sell our own products, with a strong selective approach as we want to make eco- responsible and ethical consumption a sexy act. 

Eco-friendly can be sexy

From natural beauty products, zero waste essentials to jewellery made from recycled material, one will find very elegant products that you will find satisfaction in using daily.

Maison Dôme believes that adopting an environment friendly lifestyle doesn´t have to look dire or implies hardship. It is a preference and a question of normalising the production.


In addition to being very determined on what we sell, we also aim to ensure the "how" we sell is as environmentally friendly as the production. As such, we  are developing a strong community and partnerships with local brands and suppliers as well as national ones. We want you to be able to buy products that are stored close to your location and therefore, partner with vendors that ship to you directly.

Our goal is to facilitate an eco-friendly delivery as well by using eco-friendly shipping companies and to allow products to be shipped from the closest vendor to your door. 


You may find the boxes in which you receive goods from Maison Dôme are slightly poor in shape or dented. This is because we recycle boxes to ship goods to you. We are certain that you -would expect us to do so, and probably are doing it yourself as this is the easiest  and the most natural gesture.  When we run out, we may use other packaging are made of recycled or compostable material.


We care for the planet and all beings, most of our products are also cruelty-free and are not tested on animals.


Our office is operating on the most sustainable manner we can, to aim for a carbon neutral working environment. As such, among others, we use low flow water faucet and shower heads, we use carbon neutral materials, our team comes to the office walking, using public transport etc, cleaning is made with natural products etc

More importantly, our logistics are design in such a way we also take a lot of care into mitigating carbon emissions: we partner with carriers and service providers that help us reduce our footprint.


Our navigation is built in such a way you can filter by value. Because some causes are more close to you, we help you select the products that contribute to the planet based on the impact caused.


Maison Dôme stems from the world of Hair & Beauty, one of the most polluting consumer goods and services sector. Maison Dôme aims to be the space (Maison= Home in French) where one feels comfortable and gets great satisfaction in making choices that help contribute to a better health for oneself thanks to an environmentally-friendly living. Under the supervision of our founder, the salon became one of the "natural" salons, providing with services using natural products, including air dye. 

Everyone can make a positive impact as every gesture counts, even small changes, we only wish to give our customers the best options, that correspond to their lifestyle without feeling they are compromising.