What makes Terracotta such an eco-friendly Material?

Directly harvested from the earth, terracotta in its purest and natural form is definitvely eco-friendly. Thanks to its natural quality, terracotta is gaining prominence amongst consumers as a most useful and versatile eco-friendly material. Terracota is made out of clay, the manufacturing is a simple process and it does not include any harmful chemicals or elements which makes it sustainable as well as eco-friendly.
One of the interesting facts about using terracotta is that it helps preserving the food’s nutritional value, which further helps in strengthening our immune system. So you will be preserving the environment, along with making your immune system strong.
Terracotta products have a high level of resistance to heat, making it perfect for cooking. In Italian, “terracotta” means “baked earth.  Its longevity, strength and its warm colour make it one of the most most sought-after materials, and being part of centuries it also is an element part of the future thanks to its sustainability .

It is 100% natural, so no chemicals involved.
This makes it a strong argument for eco-conscious consumers to purchase.  In the process of  manufacturing terracotta, there is no inclusion of artificial materials or any other material and thus, does not negatively impact the environment, directly or indirectly.

Terracotta can be recycled
Most of us understand the necessity of using more renewable and recyclable products. The terracotta is a product that can be easily recycled; its recyclability rate is extremely high – reaching 95%: thanks to a simple process, broken items can be easily and quickly carved into newly desirable shapes.

Energy efficient
The kilns in which terracotta is manufactured are highly energy efficient. Furthermore, the modern kilns that have been developed use more eco-friendly approaches for manufacturing terracotta.

Terracotta is a long-lasting material
Highly durable, terracotta products are built with the focus of being long-lasting as it can bear a high level of wear and tear. In addition it has a high level of weather and heat resistance. Furthermore, its porosity helps absorbing the moisture easily.  Would it be flower pots or as cookware as it makes food more nutritious, its low maintenance- from cleaning to restoring to preserving are also in favour of the material.

A mix of culture, millennial age-old tradition have seen terracotta products passed  around the table for generations in many countries and not only is a durable material fit for everydays lives, as it’s porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Check our terracotta range, to see if you find something that fits your home style.

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