Our Motto: Every Gesture Counts

We don´t pretend to be anything but pledgers. We don´t pretend to operate sustainably fully, we don´t greenwash. Our pledge is to be an honest supplier, which is thriving as it evolves, to operate in such ways that we become as sustainable and emit as little carbon as possible. 

Our motto implies that acting eco-responsibly implies both awareness and action.  Awareness is the first step towards changing habits, especially in consumption. At Maison Dôme, we don´t judge if you wish to continue using plastic, we´d just be sad if consumers today still use single use plastic. 

Today, any human use its weight equivalent of plastic yearly. Today as well, ONLY 30% of plastics are recycled. Think twice. Use paper bags when shopping, better yet, use REUSABLE Bags, small ones you may always keep in your handbag, backpack, etc. It is such a simple and effective gesture... 

 How we operate